CSA ethos is that architecture can inspire authentic living; bringing deeper meaning to all those who experience it. Working with you, we bring forth alive, regenerative architecture... places of profound beauty that opens the pathway to your creative expression. Architecture can therefore be a powerful medium to express one's full potential and in doing so deepen relationship with self, others and all of life.

To achieve this requires a co-creative process with you - as you are the key to unlocking the potential of the land and of yourselves. We act as the bridge between the two, bringing the physical form into life as we transcribe the emerging stories, patternmakings and energetic pathways. This process through to the realised architecture, helps to strengthen the bond between land and people and in turn helps both the land and people be nurtured; providing the platform to flourish to full potential. We seek to unveil the mauri, the lifeforce or essence of place. This unveiling is realised through deep listening to the stories of the land, of the people and the patternmaking - patterns of weather, geology, culture, waterways, birdlife, trees, insects and plants - all help the land reveal itself and what seeks to emerge.

We are advocates of the Living Building Challenge. We work both nationally and internationally, collaborating with those of like-mind. Our offerings include private homes and landscapes, boutique art galleries, urban intervention through landform and sculptural acupuncture, cultural and therapuetic centres and places that celebrate life and the passing of life.

We work on the big idea to the smallest detail, where every aspect is thoughtfully considered - interiors, exterior, materials, lighting, landscaping and colours. Each part is like a note or verse where together they form a coherent and unified song.

CSA has two encompassing arms - one is to create regenerative architecture for those who have the influence and the desire to bring profound change for themselves and others, and the other arm is for those who are unable to and in need of healing transforming deep green architecture.


Values we work by:   beauty  joy  connectedness   curiousity   sacred


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“The future is not somewhere
we are going, it is something
we are all engaged in creating”
Professor Ian Lowe